Apply through Us

While you are can apply directly to schools, colleges and universities on your own; most of the time, it can be a challenge considering the often confusing admission requirements and application procedures. Although the representatives and admission officers whom you have met are just an email away, given their travelling schedules and the thousands of applications they processed, responding to your enquiries on admissions, programs and status could potentially take a while.

Through us, your application to study overseas becomes much easier as we are in constant contact with the schools, colleges and universities we work with.

Apply through us in 4 easy steps:



Meet our advisor to understand study options and short-list study programs for applications.



Lodge your application to schools, colleges and universities. Through us, you should get an application update between 1 to 4 weeks.



Apply for your student visa with our step by step advice and assistance.



Arrange for your accommodation and prepare for your overseas education journey with our step by step advice and assistance.