Fact or myth - Canadian universities do not recognize polytechnic diploma?

Fact or myth - Canadian universities do not recognize polytechnic diploma?

The quick answer to this question is both yes and no.

The general admission requirement for degree programs in Canada for Singapore educated applicants is the successful completion of GCE A-levels and at some universities, GCE A-levels and GCE O-levels. Admission assessment is usually based on at least 5 subject areas including English. In addition, some programs require the completion of specific subject areas for admission. For example, the admission requirements for most Bachelor of Commerce programs would require the applicant to have successfully completed GCE A-levels plus good standing in at least 5 subject areas including English and Mathematics (H2). Similarly, science and applied science (e.g. engineering) programs require Mathematics (H2) and at least 1 Science from GCE O-levels or GCE A-levels. Given this admission requirements description, polytechnic diploma graduates would be deem ineligible for any degree programs requiring Mathematics (H2).

Having said this, there are polytechnic diploma graduates being accepted by Canadian universities based on their polytechnic diploma credentials. Universities like University of New Brunswick recognizes polytechnic diploma and awards advanced standing to equivalent courses. McGill University and Ryerson University have worked out articulations with polytechnics in Singapore recognizing their diplomas as well as offering advanced standing to equivalent courses for specific programs. It is also possible for University of Saskatchewan to accept polytechnic diploma graduates into first year university studies with conditions requiring students to complete missing grade 12 courses in their first year.

In addition, transfer colleges recognizes polytechnic diploma and accept graduates into university courses and in most situation, do not required the students to top up missing grade 12 courses.

Admissions for polytechnic diploma graduates and advanced standing are subjected to reviews, applicants are strongly encouraged to check with the universities for more information.

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